3 Reasons to Get an Inspection on Your Newly Constructed Home

Getting an inspection on your newly constructed home might not seem important, but it’s a great idea to get a third-party opinion on your house. Professional home inspections are usually performed on any property during the purchasing process. Inspections are valuable whether the home was constructed 30 years ago or last week.

Don’t enter into a contract without a qualified inspector’s assessment of the property. Here are the top three reasons why you should always have a new home professionally inspected.

Isn’t New Construction Already Inspected?

Every new home must pass a city building inspection after the construction process. These inspections are conducted by the local building authority and the property cannot be occupied unless the home is up to code. However, a code inspection is not a complete home inspection. Building code standards are the minimum requirements for making a home suitable.

Don’t leave your home in the hands of a code inspector who is only checking that the property conforms to basic building code requirements. Know that everything is in great condition by ordering a professional, third-party inspection on your newly constructed home.

1. Save Money with an Inspection on Your Newly Constructed Home

Even a newly built home may have problems. Since builders use subcontractors for quite a few phases in the construction process, there may be some issues that are unknown to the builder. A great contractor might have built the walls, but a less-attentive team may have installed the plumbing.

A home inspector will find and report on any defects or safety issues before your final walkthrough with the builder. This way, you’ll be able to ask the builder to make any needed repairs before you move into your new home.

2. Independent Home Inspectors Offer More Accountability

There’s a difference between independent inspectors and government inspectors. Inspectors that work for the city usually have a full schedule and don’t always have the benefit of taking their time during a walkthrough.

An independent home inspector depends on client satisfaction and will schedule the time to thoroughly examine your property, so there’s more accountability on their part to do a good job. Home inspectors are trained and have the experience to examine all components and systems of the house. You get an honest evaluation when you order a professional inspection on your newly constructed home.

3. The Warranty on a Newly Constructed Home Will Expire

A newly constructed home often comes with a one-year warranty from the builder. Warranties are nice, but they do have limitations. Don’t rely on the builder’s warranty to cover every problem in your new home. That’s why it’s important to find issues before they become your burden as the homeowner.

An inspector will create a report of their findings and recommend necessary changes and repairs before you close on the property. This puts the responsibility to address any construction-related problems on the builder.

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